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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old Glory on Display

Yesterday morning I receive the news that Ossama Bin Liden has been killed.  I remember the morning of September 11th 2001 I was leaving the parking lot after dropping off my dry cleaning.  Viv my wife calls me on my cell phone and informs me that planes have flown into the Twin Towers in NYC.  An accident I ask no she says we are under attack.  Stunned I tune the radio and head to Brockton where I am to meet one of my sales representatives.  The news gets worse as I pull into the Holiday Inn parking lot and inside I meet Bob.  We are both glued to the TV set in the dining room watching in horror as the first tower falls.  One of the waitstaff is crying we find out she has relatives in that part of the city and can't get a hold of them.  We watch the second tower fall.  Again we are numb trying to rationalize that we are watching  a fictional action movie not something happening live.  I leave a message for all my sales representatives go home get with your families.  Bob and I part company and head home numb, weak in the knees and close to tears.  I will never forget that day and the many souls that would not see September 12th!  How did I feel when I heard they killed the mastermind of all this - relieved with a sense of closure.  One less "Bad Boy" that wants to hurt people that don't think or act like he wants them to.  Pride in our military that have given over ten years of duty and sacrifice so we could sleep well at night. go to work, go to a movie or out to dinner without worrying if it would be our last act.  We owe those men and women so much!  I also saw Old Glory flying again on front porches and displayed on buildings such as this one. In one town someone had  taken two small flags taped them to a telephone pole with a sign that said "Thank You Navy Seals" Some commentaries I read later in the day were critical that we as a country took a human life, that we cheered and shouted USA USA.  I feel sorry for those that think that way.  There is a basic good in this USA we are not perfect but then again who is.  Yet we are the last remaining beacon of democracy with a belief that you have a good shot at life liberty and the pursuit not the guarantee of happiness.  Those victims of 9/11 deserve to hear our cries of USA USA because in return we are claiming that we have not forgotten them and we never will.

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