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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everything Looks Worse in Black and White

This past Sunday we embarked on  a whale watch cruise out of Boston Harbor.  A great way to enjoy a beautiful day in the Fourth of July Holiday weekend.  I began to casually shoot away with my camera capturing this scene as we were leaving the Boston skyline  heading for the Stellwagen Banks where the humpback whales are currently feeding.  While processing the capture in Photoshop I came upon the idea of converting the background scenery to black and white while keeping the main subjects in color.  Shades of Paul Simon - I actually started to hum and sing the lyrics to the song he wrote and performed in 1973 "Kodachrome"  (yes I am showing my age again).    In the song he states that "Everything looks worse in black and white."  Maybe it does,  even though black and white photography has an elegant space in the photo world.  However, in this capture I wanted to focus on how sometimes the world around us may seem bland with no color while we operate in a "Kodachrome" environment. We are accustomed to seeing and expecting to see everything in color.  We expect to see "those nice bright colors....the greens of summer....making us think all the world's a sunny day!"   So, my interpretation of this capture is that we were departing the Boston skyline fading to "black and white" while maintaining our "Kodachrome" environment out to sea. And sometimes, the world may not be a sunny day but a droll black and white while the Kodachrome environment is all around us.  Perhaps it also isn't just "black and white" but many shades of grey!  By the way the humpbacks were very active and we did see a pod of whales and they were many shades of grey, beautiful and majestic in their own way!  Hope you all had a festive 4th! 
Song Lyrics: "Kodachrome" Recorded by: "Paul Simon" Written by: (Paul Simon) Album: "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" - 1973. 

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