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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Close Encounters of the Poppie Kind

Zoey and her parents came for a visit last week,  It has been three months since I last saw her  and I was very anxious to see her again.  The transformation has been remarkable!  Zoey has become her own little person.  She smiles at you, one of those "I am so shy" smiles that just melts your heart.  She also has big beautiful eyes that just swallow you up!  So Zoey and I had some great time together it was almost like starting all over again with the poppie thing but boy did we have a blast. We played "rocketship"  which consisted of holding her in standing position on my knees doing a mock countdown and then bringing her up over my head.  She liked that and I made sure this activity was not conducted after her feeding, the consequences would have been messy at best.  We "conversed" although at times I did most of the talking which is not an unusual trait that I have; however, in time I am certain it will be the other way around and it will be Zoey doing all the talking and I will have to practice better listening skills.  I find this poppie relationship so wonderful and rewarding at times incredulous  that this beautiful work of creation is my granddaughter.  More incredulous that one of my children has children! A sobering thought that gives way to my own aging process and the fact that 61 years has rushed by at the speed of light!  That now,  the things I did with my sons when they were infants I am beginning to do with a grandchild.  I want to slow down from that rush of the past 3 score and1 years and enjoy it.  I want to enjoy every moment I can with Zoey.  I have  visions of taking her fishing in the pond behind our new home in Cape Coral, riding the teacups with her at Disneyworld, so many things I want to do and have her experience.  Of course that is in the future so now I need to slow down and enjoy her as much as possible at this stage where every moment is a new adventure for her.  She is just finding out what the world and all these strange people are all about.  All too soon it was time to leave.  Sad when I have to leave her especially when she throws you that smile.  Well in two weeks I will see her again when we fly to Dallas for her baptismal.  That  will give me another week of  a Zoey encounter of the poppie kind!

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